21st Century Fabrication

What Makes Freeport Welding Different From Other Fabricators?

  • Freeport Welding is the technology leader in the industry. We have developed a system of fabrication over the past ten years that we call 21st Century Fabrication, which amounts to a complete re-engineering of the fabrication process, from logging in inquiries and jobs, to estimating, from writing QC plans, production plans, inspection reports and schedules, to cutting parts. 21st Century Fabrication touches every process, improving communications, eliminating redundancy & waste, reducing costs, and elevating quality. 21st Century Fabrication makes use of the latest in computer technology. With 120 employees, we have 60 computers on our network (including 3 in the shop), which makes for fast, up-to-date communications between departments. All of our drawings, calculations, layouts, and details are done on computer, and all parts are cut directly from those drawings on an NC burning table. No one in the shop lays out, or cuts anything by hand. We hold tighter tolerances, get better fits, and consequently, better welds.
  • 21st Century Fabrication also allows us to handle emergency, quick turn-around jobs quickly and efficiently. We can handle most of them without relying on outside sources for flamecutting, rolling, or bending.
  • All 13 of our critical processes have been flow-charted and all personnel have been trained in them.
  • We have over 1,200 qualified weld procedures. We are an ASME-code shop Code Stamps U, R, U2, & NB, which means that our main business is fabricating pressure vessels (up to 500 tons), and API tanks, but thatís not all we do. We have a reputation for doing jobs that other fabricators wonít touch, so keep us in mind for skids, cyclones, duct work,reducers and cones,odd transitions, cylinders, vessel and tank internals, heavy plate, and scallops.
  • We fabricate standard stock items for many of our customers, such as TLE and TLX cones. For these standard items, we write extensive production and QC plans, inspection reports and schedules and keep drawings and standards in a computer database, so that the customer can be assured of consistent quality, and a low price.

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